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KOSUN Won CNOOC Tender for 3 Sets VFD Centrifuge

At the end of last month, KOSUN won a tender from a CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Corporation) subsidary on 3 sets of DC355 VFD decanter centrifuges. basing on our high quality products & superior service. These are three sets high-speed variable frequency driving decanter centrifuge that are specially designed & manufactured for offshore drilling […]

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KOSUN Mud Recycling System at CBM Jobsite

As China’s leading manufacturer for drilling fuids solids control equipment, basing on our 23 years know-how & experience, KOSUN has obtained good reputation with our high qulaity & superior service. Besides the oil & gas drilling industry, and drilling waste management, KOSUN also design and manufacture drilling fluids recycling system basing on our long term […]

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Drilling Mud System in HDD & TBM

No matter in oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), or drilling with tunnel boring machine (TBM), drilling fluids would be used to suspend and carry the drilling cuttings to the surface of the hole.To reuse the mud and reduce the total drilling cost, the mud would be recycled by a special designed system, […]

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Centrifuge Usage in HDD mud Treatment

To drilling a hole underground, the drilling mud would be used to brace the inner wall of the hole, to keep the drill bit cool, and to suspend and carry the drilling cuttings to the surface. Drilling fluid would be treated by the shale shaker and muc cleaner to remove the big diameter particles, and […]

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Advantage of KOSUN Mud Processing System

In the field of oil and gas drilling mud solids control, as well as HDD, TBM & CBM drilling mud processing, KOSUN mud processing system would be extensively used to seperate the particles in the drilling fluids that are carried to the surface. For oil & gas drilling soldis control system, as it has more […]

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KOSUN Mud Recycling System for Directional Drilling

KOSUN, basing on its over 20 years experience on solids control equipment for oil and gas drilling and waste management, persist to provide high quality mud recycling system to our global clients, which include those in the following field:· Horizontal direction drilling (HDD), Coal bed methane (CBM) drilling, Shale gas drilling, Water well drilling, Geothermal […]

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As an important part of the drilling mud solids control equipment, shale shaker is the first stage of the solid contents separation equipment, and shall be used during the whole drilling process for both oil & gas drilling as well as trenchless directional drilling (HDD). The particles separation range of shale shaker is defined by […]